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Nearly a decade ago, SMART Model Management was established as a more intelligent approach to representing a truly diverse range of models for a rapidly changing, international market.  Anticipating trends before they occurred, SMART was able to quickly ascend the ranks of noteworthy management groups and networked expertly to expand its base from Los Angeles to eventually include cities throughout the U.S. and across the globe. 

SMART also challenged the notion that models slave for the industry and instead set the stage for its models to establish their brands and market their talents employing unique and profitable techniques. 

Today, SMART is instrumental in helping bright new faces enter into the industry and savvy models re-brand themselves to develop striking portfolios, sign with top agencies and negotiate contracts with clients to cleverly institute careers in fashion, print, runway, television, film and other aspects of the fashion and media industries.  If you are inquiring if you can make it as a model, you can be more...